Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Shopping - With a sexy twist ;)

So I've been doing some christmas shopping online and I realised I had forgotten the most important present. The boudoir present. The present that will tie in and end christmas day with a sexy bang (no pun intended.)

So now I must do a frantic search for a sexy Mrs. Santa Claus outfit or just red lingerie to look at least decent and not try and pawn off christmas day as another boring sex night.

Ladies tis the season to have fun, and spice up the bedroom! You may think its stupid, but trust me it drives men wild!

I've been looking on many sites and haven't found anything I like! Well except for this naughty little number but lets face it, after christmas dinner, this sexy bow is gonna look more like its wrapped round the christmas Turkey - not sexy at all.
With a turkey picture in mind, I must get back to the issue at hand. THE SEXY CHRISTMAS LOOK!!! I wish I had a fairy Godmother for this sort of thing.. Oh Gok Wan where art thou?

If you plan on dressing up for the sextivities on christmas day, good luck and happy humping.


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