Sunday, 24 February 2013

Facial Cleanser review: Dr Organic

Today I'm going to be doing a review of a product that I have been using for at least over 6 months, that I have not fallen in love with and probably will not be using anything but for forever now - unless I add to it, which is more than likely as I have my eye on the Liz Earle daily gentle exfoliator wash, but thats neither here nor there.

The history of my skin is a grave tale.. (lol) but all jokes aside, I personally can't just use any facial product on my skin as I have a sort of oily/dry skin (Is that combination skin? meh!) most facial products either leave my face dry, itchy or just an overall blahh (know what I mean?) I have found a few things that have worked for my skin such as Avon's own products 'Clearskin pore penetration' which I have found that works magic, but found due to it being an exfoliant I cannot really use it for every day so I went on the hunt to try something new. 

I stumbled across Milly from Made In Chelsea's blog one day and she said that she uses a product from Holland and Barrats I cannot remember if she said Dr Organic Manuka honey or Burts and Bees facial products, but I decided to try the Dr Organics option.

There are so many to choose from, as I was only looking for a facial wash I can use every day I chose the tea tree gentle foaming wash and since its tea tree it was a win win for me!

It has literally been a God sent for me. I use it every day in the morning and sometimes at night to thoroughly take off my makeup, which btw works wonders on the eye makeup. I have had this bad boy for over 6 months now and I have not had to repurchase a new one yet, and at £6.19 for a 200ml tube makes for a cost effective investment. The smell is quite refreshing, I guess very um, tea tree-y? And it makes your skin feel very refreshed, without the tautness and tightness you usually feel after cleansing. 

 Usually after washing my face, I follow up with a facial cream, I was using the Dr Organic Virgin olive oil facial cream, and found that left my face too oily (the name should have given me a big clue) but considering the jar is quite small, it lasted me quite a while and I think I finished it just after christmas, so I decided to try the Dr Organic Manuka honey facial cream. I have not had enough time to decide whether it works for me or whether I truly like it as in all honesty I'm not the biggest fan of the smell of manuka honey, but it leaves my face smooth and soft and thats always a bonus - priced at £8.19 this 50ml jar will most certainly put a dent in your pocket, I sure know it did to mine!

I will be most definitely repurchasing the facial wash, but I may try a new facial cream from the Dr organic range. So a big thumbs up from me and a 10/10 from my happy skin :)

I hope everyone is having a beautiful lazy sunday, and please let me know if you have tried any of these products or any other health store related beauty products!



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  3. I have acne prone skin and i have tried about almost everything in the market out there and i could never find anything that worked! So having came across this face wash i am so happy as my skin is clearing up very fast and it is a lot smoother too. my confidence has soared right up and if anyone out there has the same problem of oily or acne prone skin then this is for you!


  4. Thank you so much! That did the trick, you saved me more endless hours of searching for a fix.

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