Monday, 30 April 2012

Hair Care Secret: Deep Condition!

For a couple of years now I have recently started wearing weaves and up until recently with the whole health and beauty craze that I have been caught up in, I decided that I not only wanted to take care of my own hair but it grow it out long.

My hair is relaxed and the other day probably around the beginning of the year, I went to get my hair relaxed in a salon - My mum usually relaxes my hair, and she's really the only one I really trust in my hair and sometimes I trust her to cut my hair but she gets a bit too trigger happy, and everyone knows for a black woman those couple of inches that she hacked off made a difference!

When the hairdresser was finished with my hair I was amazed with how much my hair had actually grown, but being away at uni I don't really know how to take care of my hair and so I would naturally leave it in a bun, which is not the healthiest option for afro-hair as too much tension on the strands can break the hair.
So I put my hair back in weave. Whilst I was back in uni, the hair started getting old so I decided to take it out and wear my natural hair, which was a nice feeling to have my hair out for a while however because I'm used to the length of weaves I don't feel comfortable with how short my real hair is in comparison. But I did it nonetheless, pretty much because I had no choice in the matter.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Mini Haul: Barry M Nail Varnish

This year I've really got in too painting my nails myself, I usually get acrylics done as I think my nails are too short, but recently I've decided to give my nails a break and it doesn't help that I have decided to give myself a break when all the beauty bloggers rave on about these beautiful nail polishes!!

Naturally, I try my best to find knock off on the nail polishes that these beauty bloggers rave on about because lets face it I'm cheap. To me the most expensive nail polish I've purchased is Barry M and I am more than happy to stick with Barry M! 

In light of the pastel trend, I went along to my local superdrugs and purchased these 3 beauts at £2.99 each they had a special offer on at the time buy 1 get £1 off another - Not exactly the normal deal on Barry M polishes but still great nonetheless!

66 Matt White

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Just a little thank you!

So I've been snooping around blogger, eagerly looking for more people to stalk and learn more about beauty and hopefully life!

With my birthday coming up in 2 days time, I actually questioned myself why did I start a blog in the first place?
I started my blog not because of the monetary prospects, and not for gaining followers but because I truly wanted to voice my opinions on the internet.

I tried youtubing and found that me in front of the video camera was not a good idea. I also have been trying to write a book but have not had the time to do so, nor the motivation to even follow through with it, so I thought let me post it on here and see what kind of feedback I get with it and I am quite pleased with the results and once I have some free time I have plenty of ideas to continue with my book! I've taken it further and just started reviewing everything I do in my life that I think might excite you and it feels like a job, but less 9-5 and less office-y.

I've also noticed people actually take notice of my blog and this really excites me! Knowing that I have helped 1 person or even 100 people with at least one thing, really makes me feel I have done something meaningful with my life and I am going to continue in doing so.

I can only go up from here and tbh so can you. Thank you so much to my followers and thank you to those who look upon my blog, this thanks is the least I can give back for the huge gifts you give me!

Smiles and Big hugs!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Foundation Routine

I thought I'd write about my new foundation routine as it has changed over the months.

Mac foundation is definitely my poison and I don't think I've ever tried anything else. I've told myself that I was going to try something cheaper, but every time I walked into say Boots or Superdrugs and try one of the foundations it neve gives me enough coverage! So I end up spending more in MAC then I usually would have lol.

My skin is normally pretty good, I can go with just wearing powder but I like to wear liquid foundation most of the time.

So these are pictures of me getting ready to go out for my cousins birthday

Monday, 2 April 2012

REVIEW: Aloe Vera King Drink

I'm now back in my hometown for the easter break and I'm very excited to see how this break plans out for me. On the way home, my mum who was very excited about this, told me that she had a drink for me to try when we got home. Naturally I asked if it was alcoholic and disappointingly she said no - lol- she kept it a secret all the way until we got home.

And for good reasons. It was an aloe vera drink. When I was younger my mum made me try some aloe vera juice straight from the plant itself and the taste is anything but pleasant!! Its bitter as hell and tbh for putting me through such horrid displeasures, I think child services should have been called at the time. 

However aloe vera is meant to be good for ya right? So hold up on all calls to childline and read on!