Thursday, 5 January 2012

REVIEW: Garnier Body Lotion

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days

I don't know why I keep getting things given to me, but I kinda like it. I came home from University and my mother so kindly brought me some body cream [insert dry skin joke]. Her reasons for buying it, 'if I bought myself one and not you as well, you would be upset.' which I'm not gonna lie is kinda the truth.

So she bought me first the Garnier Body Intensive 7 days Hydrating Lotion Aloe Vera, the first time. She purchased it from Asda for £2. I'm guessing it was a promotional offer, I don't know I'll let you do your own research about that. But lets get on with the review.

This product smells really nice like aloe vera, so your not walking around smelling like something rotten- which nobody wants, and when I first used it to be really honest I wasn't impressed, the lotion was quite watery and felt rubbery when applying it to my body, but I thought to myself it says intensive 7 days so I'm gonna wait for 7 days and see the effects afterwards.
After the 7 days I still wasn't impressed. My skin felt dry, and I usually have soft skin regardless of applying lotion. So I complained to my mum about it and I swapped with her.

                                                            Garnier Body Hydra Lock
This is the one she was using. I tried it again for a period of 5 days. The smell of the lotion is like one of  the prescribed creams you get from the doctors, so nothing fancy. When you rub it in to your body it still felt quite rubbery but I saw a difference, however it was far too sticky for me. So my mum went out and bought another one because she wanted this one back. So I guess this product was the better one for her skin type, and she said she would give it a Secret Corner 7/10.

So with both the other products still not passing my satisfactory, I resigned to using this instead. And I am very happy with this product. I love the smell, but shea butter is one product I do like using so it naturally passed my test. The texture is not watery but rather soft to the touch and my skin is left feeling moistured and definitely not sticky afterwards!

I guess the aim of the story here, is your going to have to try a lot of them before you find the perfect match. But I guess thats natural with all things.

Am I happy with the product? Yes

Would I buy it again? I'm not sure, I think there are other lotions that are much better, but each to their own

Would I recommend it? Yes I would, don't let my bad experiences discourage you! Try, buy and discover for yourself, just know that you have been forewarned!

Secret Corner score: 6/10

I hoped this has helped you in your dry skin blues, and thank you for continuing to show support to my blog! I truly appreciate it.


**DISCLAIMER: I have not been asked to review these products, these reviews are of my own opinion and I aim to be able to provide you with the truth according to myself.**


  1. Having read J's BLOG i have tried Garnier body hydralock i have to say the product is very luxurious and moisturizing . My only disappointment is the cut price deal at Tesco's is due to run out so im running down to Tesco's to stock up!!!

  2. "Skin feels intensely hydrated for up to seven days". It does not mean that this meant you could whack it on one day and seven days later, you're skin would still be soft.
    What it actually means is that if you use it twice daily for four weeks and then have a week off, your skin will remain intensely hydrated for that week off.