Thursday, 14 November 2013


I didn't used to be a liquid foundation wearer, just give me my Mac Studio fix powder and I was good to go. I then dabbled into the liquid section of foundation and found myself beginning to wear it more often.

I first started off with Mac's Studio Fix fluid in NC45 which is pretty standard for everyone, after a while I thought to myself I need to start looking after my skin better so let me try a mineralized foundation and that worked really well for me for a while until I decided I wanted to graduate away from Mac foundations entirely - don't get me wrong Mac foundations are amazing as well as affordable, but I'm sure there are other amazing foundations out there too!

My problem with Mac foundations and other foundations I have used is that for my skin colour it is far too orange, which was another reason I wanted to look for another foundation. So I had an 'ahhhh' moment (imagine floating angels and instrumental music in the background and maybe throw in a American black choir in there too) when I came across the Benefit stand in Debenhams, they had just come out with their new foundation 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' in Hazelnut.

I don't know what it is about the concession stands or just make up shops in general, the lighting, the professional hand of the make up artist, I don't know! But all I know is when they applied the foundation on my skin it looked FANTASTIC - I was completely sold - when I got home on the other hand and tried to re-apply it myself it was still frickin' orange!!!

So I went on the hunt again, and there was my holy grail, a little to the right of Benefit and directly in front of Mac. Urban Decay. Luckily this time, instead of being the impulsive shopper I usually am I waited till I got home to see:

a. The longevity of the product
b. To see if anyone noticed my nice flawless skin

Before purchasing the product especially considering the price of the foundation £27. This became my go to foundation for every occasion, it has great coverage, it was weightless, did not have to reapply as often and I always got compliments, another positive point is lasts a while which is great for my purse as it is quite pricey.

Then I went on holiday and got darker, and now it doesn't match my skin anymore :\ *cries*

Alas, I'm on the hunt again!

Any recommendations will be great in the comments below, although I went into Inglot the other day and their foundation was an exact match to my complexion so I may have to venture down to Westfield and bagsy myself one. Who knows!

What's your favourite foundation?


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