Monday, 30 July 2012

The Little Princess Trust

A couple of weeks ago, my aunty for her daughters summer fayre was organising this event for a charity called the Little Princess Trust, my Aunt had thought that only herself and a few other mothers would be the only ones to donate their hair, but she found that their were 18 volunteers as well as a few children who were willing to cut their hair for the charity. When she told me the success of what happened during the Summer Fayre I had to check out this trust for myself.

What the Little Princess Trust is about, is a charity which provides real hair wigs to young children (girls and boys) up to the age of 18 suffering hair loss from known illnesses such as; Cancer, Leukemia, Alopecia and other illnesses. It allows little boys and girls to feel like themselves again, before treatment and regain confidence to face the outside world.

The Little Princess Trust was started by a couple by the name of Wendy and Simon Tarplee, after they had lost their little girl to a tumor in 2005 and have been going strong ever since.

I just wanted to make other people aware of this as Cancer has affected my Grandma in the past and luckily she has pulled through - I know how agonising that is to watch and to think that a little child has to go through it is absolutely dreadful!
Knowing that there are charities like this out there, that are trying to reach and do something about it to put smiles on these children's faces is something that makes me feel good and actually want to help with.

It costs up to £350 for the Trust to make a wig for a child, so any donation is welcome albeit money or your own hair!

I hope I have inspired at least one person today to feel touched by this charity as I have felt touched, and maybe even donate something to help with the wigs or even letting other people be aware of this charity so that they can also help.

Check out their website and see for yourself: Little Princess Trust


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