Friday, 3 February 2012

Book part 3

I've been incredibly busy with work and assignments lately, I completely forgot to update my blog let alone upload another part of my book! I hope you all forgive me and enjoy :) xo

George was in the middle of a big pitch when Dorothy his PA interrupted and told him that his wife was here to see him, “Tell her to make herself comfortable in my office, I’ll be there after the meeting.” Dorothy did as she was told and saw Mrs. Stubben to George’s office and offered her a cup of coffee. After making Katie her coffee, Dorothy went back to her desk and carried on knitting the sweater for her boss Mr. Stubben.

George walked in with a smile plastered on his face, and a cup of coffee in his hand.
“Hey baby, I did it!” Katie just looked at him with a confused face and a stunned body as George kissed her, she felt guilty that she felt passion and excitement for a man that was not her husband although she didn’t show this feeling for too long, and quickly diverted the conversation back to what just happened; when George entered the office. “I landed the advertisement deal that I’ve been telling you about”
Katie sat confused, and thought long and hard to those nights where she would often drift into thought whilst George talked about his latest business adventure, Katie tried to remember the last time they had embrace each other through the night; she quickly snapped out of it, as not to disappoint her husband.
“Well hunny I got that pickle company that you like” he said half-heartedly disappointed that his wife had not been listening to their conversation many nights. Katie didn’t recall any of his conversations but pretended to know what he was talking about and smiled.

He told her to wait for him in the lobby, while he got his things together, she asked for directions to the ladies restroom and went to the bathroom to freshen up, she began to feel guilty, feeling strong feelings for someone else other than her husband, she wet her face thus having to re-apply her make-up. She came out finding George in the lobby waiting for her, talking to Dorothy.
She waited for him to finish his conversation and overheard him telling Dorothy to take 2 weeks off as he wouldn’t be in the office for then, so there would be no point her being in the office.
Not paying attention to what he said she quickly came out of her thought and her and George walked outside his office like a couple and didn’t say one word to each other.

George decided to carpool with Katie, as he had good news to tell her which couldn’t wait until they got home. “Katie I know I haven’t been there for you and the girls lately, due to this big deal I needed to make sure our firm got but I think this will make it up to you”
Katie sat in front of the steering wheel at a red light in a cross section and couldn’t think of a surprise George could give, or think of the last time she received even flowers as a surprise.
George produced 4 plane tickets flying to London, the light had turned green, catching Katie off guard, while agitated drivers behind her bibbed and beeped, she stepped on the gas in excitement barely making the green light and found it hard to concentrate on the road while trying to control her excitement and talk to George at the same time.

She pulled up in the driveway and knew that the twins wasn’t back home yet to find out the good news as it were only 4:30, Katie couldn’t wait to throw her arms around her husband and kiss him and hug him, but in the process, she hit him in the forehead with her bracelet and hit her head on his chin while trying to kiss her.
“Katie, where did you get that bracelet from?” Katie watched as George rubbed the spot the bracelet caused damage, she didn’t know how to respond back to his question, she hadn’t had to explain any of the gifts Malcolm had given to her before and she certainly thought that this isn’t the time to start.
She quickly thought of an excuse; “The bracelet is an heirloom hunny, from my great grandmother Anna?” she questioned. “You of all people should know that, George!” she said disgruntled, trying to take some of the attention away from where she supposedly got the bracelet from.
Although not one of her best lies, she knew that George didn’t pay attention to most of the jewellery she wore as long as it was her wedding band, her lie was golden.

Having cooked up a traditional Stubben Wednesday meal, the four of them sat in the dining room, stuffed.
“Mum may we be excused?” the twins chorused. 
“Yes, but your father and I have an announcement to make first.” She replied gleefully. She gave a side glance at George who was helping himself for seconds of his wife’s meatloaf.
“Oh right the surprise; well I thought it would be a nice gesture, if I took all of you to London, for a vacation and it’s also a way to apologise for not being there.”
There was a moment of silence.

Both George and Katie smiles plastered on their faces looked at each other bewildered why there was no excitement coming from the twins.
Exchanging glances Heidi and Carmen came bustling towards the both of them, causing a ruckus along the way in excitement.

George helped to clear the table and set the dirty dishes on the marble counter top.
George admired his wife as she loaded the dishwasher, he remembered what drew her to him in the first place, her eyes; her big blue eyes would make any man go weak at the knees he thought. He looked her up and down and couldn’t resist her body; she still had that perfect body that drove him crazy many years ago. It was that night they had fallen in love, and that night that Heidi and Carmen were conceived.

Katie woke George out of his daydream.

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