Wednesday, 22 February 2012

REVIEW: Women in Black

In the valentines day spirit my boyfriend and I, went to the cinema and decided on watching "Women In Black."
With it also being half-term, this meant all children, students etc. also decided to go cinemas and the queue was amazingly long which means we were forced to watch the later viewing, so we had to wait a further 2 hours to watch this movie! Anyways enough ranting and on to the review!

Starring Daniel Radcliffe (lets face it he still is, and always will be Harry Potter) this is a remake rendition of the 1983 fiction novel by Susan Hill and was also a stage play adapted by  Stephen Mallatratt. 

From watching the adverts on the TV, I knew this would be a movie everyone would talking about for months to come so I decided that I should watch it. I'm not really a fan of british films, however when combined with a period era and "horror" (if you can call it that) I guess I am more than willing to give it a fair go.

I had gone into the cinema with high hopes of screaming my head off in the dark, and being able to see my heart breakthrough my ribs, chest and skin. I was sorely mistaken. 

The Woman in Black is about a young lawyer who is sent to a remote village in the North of England to retrieve documents and is quickly submersed into the local village hidden secret about the scorned Woman in Black, who preys on little children.

Considering Daniel Radcliffe's portfolio for acting only contains Harry Potter and his stage play, he did a really good job at portraying his role, I just can't forget that he used to be Harry Potter.

Throughout the movie there was a consistency in providing fear, and I jumped quite a lot throughout the movie, however I had already come into the cinema with high expectations of it really scaring me but considering it is only a 12a don't get your hopes up to see anything gory or horrific! 

 The cringe factor was very high in this movie as from the beginning of the movie they showed that Daniel Radcliffe's character Arthur had a son, and his wife died whilst giving birth to him, there are many scenes which show Arthur reminiscing about his wife which automatically made me guess the ending. The story sees Arthur trying to save his son from the same fate as the villagers children's fate and tries to reconnect the Women in Black with her dead son. This fails however and both Daniel and his son die and are reunited with his ex wife.  

I felt the movie had too much build up and ended too quickly for a good climax and quite frankly I was disappointed with the outcome of the movie and the ending of the movie, giving it a 7 on my cheese factor as you sort of knew the direction of where the movie was heading.

If I could have got a refund on my ticket I would have. Most of the people in the same cinema as me, shared the same feeling as ours.

Secret Corner Rating: 5/10

You have been warned.


  1. i didn't like the movie either!

    1. Lol "scary" movies these days have all but lost their meaning! Looking back although as cheesy and corny as the 90's movies may have been, they will always be the best for me! xx