Sunday, 4 March 2012

Book Part 4

Enjoy! :) xo

Margo wandered into Malcolm’s office, swishing her hips and pushing her hair behind her ear, just as Malcolm required it that one special night, that’s been on her mind.
Malcolm looked up and waited for Margo to place whatever it is she came into his office for on the table and looked out of his window in silence. Margo broke the silence.
“I saw that blonde woman go into your office again, she looked all flushed when she came out.” She said in a wispy voice.
Malcolm retorted “Although you may be my secretary, who walks in and out of my office as she pleases; this is none of your business, do you hear me?”
“Yes sir I understand” she said near to tears

Margo fled out of the office with her hand to her mouth trying not to make a scene.
She ran to the bathroom as quick as possible hyperventilating along the way. As soon as she passed the barriers of the confined bathroom walls and entered a cubicle she vomited.
The pain in her body flushed down into the water pipes as she wiped the corners of her mouth smudging the makeup from her eyes that she had done up that morning to impress her boss. She staggered to the faucet and looked at herself in disgust.
 She wanted to scratch out her eyes as she was displeased with what she was staring at. What had she become in the last 18 months she had worked for Malcolm? She searched in the mirror looking deep into her own soul but she knew that whatever was growing inside her was the real problem. It had been 5 weeks since her last cycle and she hadn’t slept with anyone else but Malcolm. The idea of hating him crept in her mind as she quickly discarded that thought as soon as she thought it. She smiled a wicked grin and thought to herself ‘if I can’t have Malcolm, then no one can’ as she fixed herself up and left the bathroom.

 Malcolm flinched at this, deeply feeling something for the woman he just made cry. He sat there in deep thought, wondering if it was worth the cheating and running around, when he knew that Margo wanted him.

It took him three short breaths to come to his decision. He would tell Katie that this was not worth the secrecy or the hurt that would cause them both. He would end it with her tonight, when they went to meet at the motel suite in the nearby town. Malcolm put on his dress jacket and stalked out of the room with his mind in full gear as he knew what he would do tonight.
“Margo cancel all my appointments today, I’m taking off early” he said with a stern yet apologetic smile, as he left the office with as much ease as he did breathing.  

Margo winced, sick to her stomach with the creeping around she knew Malcolm and Katie got up too.
So she packed her desk neatly and left the office as if it were any other day in the Williamsons and Williamson’s law firm, not giving a warning to any of Malcolm’s other employers.
Margo had other plans on her mind.

It was a long time coming - she didn’t know whether it was hormones from this foetus growing inside of her or all the pent up rage and memories of passionate love making she and Malcolm had. But she knew what she had planned for that afternoon. As she stepped out of the elevator in plane view of her little brown sedan, she started the engine and sped off in the direction of the exit and headed for Malcolm’s house.

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