Friday, 23 March 2012

REVIEW: L'Oreal Caresse VS Revlon Lip butter

So instead of staying inside and starting the many essays I have that are due next week, like the good little student that my mummy knows me to be (just in case she's reading this), the suns rays had beckoned me outside and my purse jingled with the loose change begging me to spend - who could say no to that really?

So in light of the release of the new Loreal Rouge Caresse, I decided I must be a proud owner of one of these! I popped into town and went to my local boots to finally purchase a Loreal Caresse and a Revlon lip butter, they only had the Loreal Caresse, but not the Revlon which I thought was rather stupid considering  it was the bigger one - but anyway I digress. So I went to the other boots and both the Loreal and Revlon were there so I brought them. 

Lets start with the Loreal Caresse Lipstick. Loreal's answer to the Revlon lip butter. 

These are the two I purchased the revlon is in shade 025 Peach Parfait and the L'Oreal shade is in 301 Dating Coral.

I chose these 2 colours to be safe, because I didn't know what to expect and plus the samples in Boots were all smeared and weren't giving the true match of what it would like on, I would love to try a hot pink next however!

Right lets start with packaging. I was really impressed with the L'Oreal packaging, the outer shell is a clear plastic casing whilst the actual tube is metallic, in a way it puts me a bit in the mind of Dior's lipstick casings, so very pretty and expensive looking which is always a bonus considering the cost of the lipstick was £7.99 which in comparison with a dior lipstick is like a huge fraction of the price!

The colour is very pigmented and the texture of the lipstick is very smooth and glides on smoothly and isn't sticky and looks something like this!

The only bad thing I could say about this product is I have to reapply like every 1-2hours, because I forget it is just like a lip balm isn't it? Silly me! 

Now on to the Revlon lip butter! Packaging: I thought the packaging was quite simple and basic plastic looking rectangle, however it was pink and that always gets bonuses! With it also being the same price as the L'Oreal one it wasn't a bad price. 

When applying the lip butter it glides on effortlessly and feels like a sort of gel when on your lips, its more shimmery than the L'oreal one and a bit more stickier also. I personally think the Revlon colours are brighter than the L'Oreal but thats just my opinion.

(So sorry about the colouring on both pictures!
Bad lighting yikes!)

All in all, for highstreet products the pricing is acceptable and the product is brilliant! What one do I prefer you ask? Well I find myself picking up my Revlon more frequently so I think I prefer that one, but I guess it depends on the day/makeup/clothes etc. (Its so hard being a girl :( ) 

Although the price may put you off at the moment there is 3 for 2 offer going on at Superdrugs and Boots, so don't be discouraged! I'll definitely be purchasing some more in the future!!

Secret Corner Rating: 9/10 

On that note, Toodles 


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