Monday, 23 April 2012

Mini Haul: Barry M Nail Varnish

This year I've really got in too painting my nails myself, I usually get acrylics done as I think my nails are too short, but recently I've decided to give my nails a break and it doesn't help that I have decided to give myself a break when all the beauty bloggers rave on about these beautiful nail polishes!!

Naturally, I try my best to find knock off on the nail polishes that these beauty bloggers rave on about because lets face it I'm cheap. To me the most expensive nail polish I've purchased is Barry M and I am more than happy to stick with Barry M! 

In light of the pastel trend, I went along to my local superdrugs and purchased these 3 beauts at £2.99 each they had a special offer on at the time buy 1 get £1 off another - Not exactly the normal deal on Barry M polishes but still great nonetheless!

66 Matt White

318 Peach Melba

317 Blue Moon
 I've been after a white nail polish SINCE FOREVERR and I've finally purchased it and it looks amahhzzzing! As you can tell from my nails I am currently wearing Peach Melba and I think it is now my all time fave colour its so beautiful, and it really compliments my skin tone. You can't really see the true blue of the Blue Moon but it is a really pastel-y baby blue and I cannot wait to try this on my nails and see the transformation. Because they are pastel colours, you do have to apply more than one coat, but I don't mind doing this, I enjoy painting my nails :) 

Let me know if there are some more cheap, good quality brands out there so I can add some more colours to my collection!