Thursday, 28 June 2012

Just a few things..

Whilst being home, I picked up a few things preempting the summer weather (pssssssh yea right!) These are a few things I have picked up in the last couple of months. They're not very interesting, but I'd still thought I'd share them with you!

Snake print peep toe shoe (asda) // brown peep toe shoe (asda) // Heart knitted jumper (asda) // Chains and (something) chiffon shirt (matalan) // multi-coloured dotted fringe top (asda) // tie-dye knitted jumper (asda) // Cross top (asda) // Shoe/boot/wedge ? (room31)

As you can tell I shop a lot in Asda (ha!) I love Asda's clothing especially the label G21 which is mostly what I buy. That chiffon shirt I wasn't originally going to buy as I promised myself I wouldn't own a design like this because to me it looks quite chavvy, it was in the sale for £12 (no surprise there) and I still never picked it up even though my friend was like buy it - when I got home I couldn't stop dreaming about it, I kept thinking about it;  how I would style it and with what I would style it with, so after my exam I marched right on down to Matalan and proceeded to buy it and realised it had been marked down further to £9 - bargain!

My shoe/boot/wedge thingymajig was also another bargain buy as I was browsing through another blogger and she had bought some amazing stuff on this website so I decided to look for myself. I saw these boots and instantly thought that these would be amazing for winter, or in other words a typical day in England. They cost me £5 with a £3.99 p&p however because they messed up my order they refunded me my p&p so I am dead pleased with my bargain and cannot wait to wear them.
The person that helped me with my order was really lovely and super helpful, and she probably thought I was a bit rude by not replying to her emails but I'd like to thank them for retrieving my lost order, refunding me my p&p and the fast delivery!  I still definitely recommend having a look, they even stock some stuff from Queen B herself 'House of Dereon'.

Anywhoo, this rambling has gone on for far longer than I thought it would so on that note - I hope everyone is having a good week!


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