Wednesday, 20 June 2012

NOTW & New Purchase!

So for my birthday my boyfriend gave me some gift certificates to go off and buy whatever it is that I like in April and I finally spent them last week.

I caved in and bought some Topshop nail polishes. Let me just tell you now that this was one of the best purchases I've actually made in a long time in regards to nail varnish, and as you all know when it comes to spending money the £2.99 Barry M nail polishes are just within my price range! 

So presented with the opportunity I picked up these 2 colours:

Cafe au Lait & Smashing Pumpkins
Cafe au Lait
Smashing Pumpkin

I actually picked up the Cafe au Lait colour because I started a new job, and wanted to look as professional as possible (that and it kills me to have my nails bare!!) to my surprise I absolutely love it. It is a nice nudey pink colour (as you can tell from my nails it is the NOTW) and it didn't need that many coats although for the pink to really come through then you will need a couple of coats. 

I picked up the Smashing Pumpkin colour, because I really wanted an orange colour and this is perfect as its not too bright and its not too dull either, it has provided a nice summery flare to my toes which is needed what with this dull and bleak weather we're having!

I really wanna add some more of the Topshop colours to my collection as I am really impressed! What do you guys think of the Topshop nail polishes? And is there any you would recommend that you think I should buy? Let me know!



  1. Hi lovely, found you through the BBU Blog Hop:)

    Iabsolutely love Topshop nail varnishes, they are just such good quality for the money, and they always have excellent alternatives to the latest shades by brands like Chanel and Illamasqua. I particularly love Hidden Treasure.
    Mel x

    1. Oooh! I must definitely try that out! Thank you xx