Thursday, 20 December 2012

Braologie: The posture experts

Hi guys,

I was lucky enough to be able to try out this new company called Braologie, through a little competition by Dao over at Mymakeupblog. Let me just say now, that I am truly grateful and thankful for that opportunity as it has been heaven sent!

Braologie is a company that is dedicated to improving the posture of women through the use of posture improving lingerie. By this, I mean it helps correct your back posture, reposition breast tissue all whilst giving you great cleavage.

The great thing about Braologie is it is done all online, in the comfort of your home. They send you a questionnaire which you have to fill in, and if you have the privilege of being in contact with Tallia, then you are in luck as she was amazing and so lovely to be in contact with - this questionnaire will ask you details about your bra size and you have to get the ol' measuring tape out to make sure everything is correct (so no lying here ladies) and you send them 3 pictures of yourself and they will send you a detailed report from professional bra fitters of your needs just from your questionnaire, how brilliant is that?! Better than Marks & Spencers, La Senza and Ann Summers combined!

When I received my report, I was a little traumatized. I wasn't used to getting feedback like that as I am very sensitive about my weight, but I'm glad I did as everything they wrote in the report was true! They sent me a bra and a little vest that sits underneath the bra to me in the post (which all arrived quite quickly) as these are the items that matched specifically to me, and I was shocked to see how beautiful the actual bra was as most shaping underwear are quite ugly and daunting, but this I feel sexy in and if I had a bf I wouldn't mind prancing around naked in front of. The bra was black with a gold-y colour under black lacing, I put it on and my boobs were finally under my chin haha. The only downside to this is no matching underwear, as I love to have my undies match my bra.

Would I recommend this product? Hell yes! I've seen the benefits for myself and I hear some of the horror stories my fellow big-breasted women have and this will definitely help relieve that issue.

Would I buy more? Definitely, as if I keep wearing the one I have to death it will surely end up in tatters.

Thanxs for reading & thank you guys at Braologie for giving me this opportunity! :)



  1. Definitely going to do their free analysis! This sounds perfect!

    1. Oh goody! Let me know how it gets on xo