Monday, 3 December 2012

Abi O Shimmer Tan Boost

Heyy Guys,

So so so sorry that I have been very M.I.A lately, I have actually been very busy with moving back into  Uni and dealing with freshers week and all that malarky and good stuff. I promise I won't keep it too long till my next post, luckily I have a few things that I have been meaning to write about - so watch this space.

Recently, (meaning a couple of months ago) I was lucky enough to win a blog competition from the lovely and beautiful Annie over at EpiphannieA. The competition was in aid of TFWOC (Tans For Women of Colour) and since I didn't have the chance to go on holiday this year, why not try a bit o' tanning eh?

So this is what the bottle looks like..


What the product looks like... 

Blob - What the product looks like


And what I look like...

With Shimmer Tan Boost (flash)
So a HUGE thank you again to Annie, for this amazing product!

As always,


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