Sunday, 23 December 2012

Facial cleansing wipes: Kleenex

I'm not really one to care about what facial wipe I use on my face, so I usually pick up whatever is cheap or on special offer. I was in MAC the other day and I was just swatching some colours on my hand and I used one of their facial wipes to remove the lipstick and I noticed the difference straight away.

With the MAC facial wipes it is wetter than its competitors which I guess makes better for removing makeup quicker, so it made me think about the types of brands I use on my face. I can't really use much as it really irritates my skin, believe it or not even Simple products irritate my skin!

So being the cheap skate that I am, regardless of facial irritation I picked up some Kleenex facial cleansing wipes (extra gentle).

The actual wipes itself feels a lot like a wet soft tissue, which I love! It doesn't irritate my skin too much and its just nice and soft to the face, it smells like cream which is bearable and removes all my makeup very well, so far so good.



  1. Very cool! Ive never heard of these before. Right now Im using Starlooks but sometimes I use baby wipes. :o

    1. Lol, they are fairly quite new I think they came out in summer I can't remember lol xx