Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Sex talk.

So I was just sitting here watching a TV show and there just happened to be a moment in the show where the awkward "talk" appeared.

I don't know about you guys but I don't remember ever having the talk. In fact if anything I learnt everything about sex, where normal people learnt about sex; through schools and my peers. Coming from a single parent household, if my mother and I started talking about sex, I can assure you it was me telling her how it was done.

I've always wondered what "the birds and the bees" meant. I've never quite understood that concept, are the birds and the bees a metaphor for something else, because if I was a child and an adult told me "the birds and the bees" story, the picture - the detailed picture - in my head would look rather strange, and just confuse me even more about sex.
The worst thing you want is your child to get the wrong idea about sex, because of what they've heard lil Jimmy say at school, or from what they've seen on the internet. So the best way to resolve that really is to, tell them the truth.

In situations like that, you have to think like a child. If your mother or father told you not to touch something because it was hot, what would you do? Touch it! Of course I would. Just because they told me not too. In the situation with sex, if you keep it a secret from them they're going to be more intrigued about it and most likely look for it themselves. Lets be honest you don't really want to be raising little Lothario's, you want your children to grow up and learn the truth or the connection with love and sex, rather than finding yourself a grandmother or father at the age of 45.

You yourself shouldn't find it awkward explaining to your daughter/son about sex either, if they see your awkward or frigid around the topic then they'll also find it awkward. IF YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT SEX, YOU SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEX. Period.

Im surrounded by so many of my friends who are so immature about talking about sex, I actually feel sorry for them and it is this immaturity that will lead to unprotected sex and a higher level of STDS because of their lack of knowledge on the subject,

So go forth parents and adults and teach your children about sex, the safe way!

Honesty is the best policy!



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