Sunday, 18 December 2011

6 More sleeps till christmas!

Believe it or not internet, christmas is a week away! If your like me and your birthday is at the beginning of the year, and you have to wait many more months to get gifts, then you would understand the excitement for the christmas holiday.

Minus the fact that the main reason for Christmas is the birth of baby Jesus,
my reasonings for celebrating christmas is a little different. Lets be honest, its the christmas food. As you'll come to learn from reading my blogs that I am a lover of food, and the one dish I am really excited about each year is the christmas Ham my mother always makes (Move over Turkey, its the Pigs time to shine!) and if your a pork lover like myself then you would understand why.

I love the christmas period, it brings everyone together. I love the christmas movies that they play on the TV, gearing us for the wintery days ahead and the christmas music blaring in stores. The new movie I am excited to watching this christmas is 'New Years Eve'. Although it screams cheese factor, I still want to give it that chance, just like the last movie with all celebrities collaborating together 'Valentines Day'.

As much as the festive season has put me in a good mood, I need to come back to reality. Deadlines. Tons of coursework to do and only 3 weeks to do it in!! Maybe Santa will give me the present of motivation to start these essays.

Anywhoo, on that note Happy Sunday! xo

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