Monday, 26 December 2011

The Christmas Season is over!

So now that christmas is finally over, we can all now breathe a collective sigh of relief! No more spending on christmas presents for Grandma this, Uncle that and even little baby this! Back to buying food shopping for the consumption of the week rather than consumption of just one day.

How was my christmas you ask? Well as to be expected, rather depressing. Being an only child can be quite lonely, but it gets better (not!) Being surrounded by a 5 year old and an 18month year old did not help the situation either. Not much presents as I hoped, but theres always next year. However the alcohol and the food put me in a happier mood.

The spread - Brisket, Ham and Pheasant. Rice, Potatoes, Parsnips and carrots, broccoli and brussel sprouts, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw. That was enough to put a smile on my face. After my 2nd nap and my 2nd helping of food, I decided to start on the alcohol, needless to say I happily relished in the drunkiness and was tucked nicely in bed by 2 am.

Watching my mother in a tipsy to drunken state was the highlight of my christmas, and I would not trade those memories in for the world!

I hope you all had an exciting christmas as mine (or better!) Bring on the next festivities as we welcome in the New Year!

I hope you have your resolutions made, I know I do!

(Merry Christmas) and a Happy New Year!


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