Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara Review

Hi all,

I just really needed to do a product review on this mascara, because I have some points to make based on it, so here we go!

You can ask anybody who knows me. When it comes to eye make-up I go for the cheapest brand. However one day I just happened to be watching TV and the Rimmel Scandal eye mascara popped up, and straight away I was hooked.
This was the first advert I've ever seen about make up that actually promoted the product, so naturally I just had to have it. Jade Jagger sold it to me.

So I nipped down to my local Superdrugs and purchased it for a mere £6.99, so not expensive and I tried it for the first time. The first time I tried it, I was using it with false lashes as well so that wasn't a good idea. So when I used it for the first time on its own, I wasn't impressed. It basically did the same thing as my cheapo NYC mascara. But everything happens for a reason!

Superdrugs description:

'It’s a Rimmel breakthrough! Who thought a big brush could volumize and define like this?
Scandalous Brush
So big yet so precise, our MaxDensity™ brush reveals lashes you never thought you had.
30% wider and denser, with more bristles to capture and coat even the smallest lashes.
Combs through clumps for perfect definition.'

So I used it again, and this time I really liked it. It elongated my lashes and made them thicker and darker it was even really good on my bottom lashes, I guess it did what it said on the bottle "volumise and scandalise" my eyes. I agree with superdrugs description however, I don't believe it combs through clumps for definition as they say it does, they need to rethink that one lol!

Am I happy with the product? Yes

Would I buy it again? Yes

Would I recommend the product? Definitely!

But then again it was my first time using a bigger brush, so its up to you to trust my judgement.

Happy Wednesday


(I'd just like to say, I was not asked to do this review this is completely my own views and beliefs. Don't shoot the messenger (: )

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