Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chapter 1

This is a chapter from the first book I ever wrote, I thought I'd upload a chapter from a book I have written a little bit of in chronological order so you could get an idea of where my thoughts were. My chapters are short, just how I'd like them if I was reading a book, I hope you like it!!


Graduating, top of her class at Wybercrombie University, it wasn’t just her looks that also got her by. Reflecting on her pass, as she leaned on the out of place marble worktop, of her Victorian kitchen, she couldn’t help but wonder; why she ever chose the profession she was in. Having been off for 3 months due to an accident that had gotten Katie bed-ridden for the first 2 months, the shock had all but disappeared from her mind.
As the sun crept up from the east of the kitchen, she glanced at the clock on the north wall, from having got up at 4 am to go on her daily morning jog, it was time to go back upstairs and sleep. Having carried her, now limp legs up the stairs, she dragged her aching body into bed, her head touched the down pillow, as the alarm clock went off. George fumbled beneath the covers; he eventually got out of bed, as he noisily shuffled out of the bedroom, by this time Katie had gotten into a deep slumber.
A couple of hours later, she woke up again, getting up to burrow her feet in her cashmere slippers, she slipped out of her queen sized bed and walked gently to the door, pacing herself through her long winding corridor, she stopped to admire herself in the mirror.
She was getting older, and she didn’t like one bit of the aging process. Barely touching her shoulders, her wispy brunette hair unravelled itself from the position on top of her head which it gave, the impression she was younger than she was; it was her eyes that caught the attention of George. Her steely blue eyes, was all it took to bed George that night, and 14 years more, having proposed to her on their 3 month anniversary; she glanced down at her lips, she licked them for moisture and nibbled on the bottom lip as she walked into her children’s room.

Stepping into the room, she couldn’t help but inhale childhood, and wish she had it as good as her kids now. She stood in the centre of the room. Each single bed, on either side of her. She gazed at both of her beautiful budding young daughters, and wished that they could stay this age forever.
Gently nudging Heidi and Carmen to wake up, she took her time to study each daughter, and remembered when they both entered the world. Giving up, she walked out and studied the room, as if she hadn’t been in their room in a long time, but today was different, Katie couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she knew.
She went back downstairs, and decided to make pancakes. The smell wafted through the large three bedroom house, and footsteps were soon heard coming down the stairs. “Nice to see you have graced me with your presence” Katie said in a conceited tone. Heidi and Carmen just smiled. Having whipped up her famous batch of chocolate chip pancakes she served them immediately with a side of turkey rashers and scrambled eggs. Now on her second helping of coffee for the day, she watched as her daughters scoffed the food she just made a couple of minutes ago, previously putting bread in the toaster, the toast popped up a minute too late as the twins had already finished half a stack of pancakes between them, but they decided to eat the toast their mother so kindly had already prepared for them, Katie look at them in astonishment as these twin girls who were metaphorically speaking anorexic, ate like scavengers.
Katie had left the two girls to eat what was left of the stack of pancakes, and went outside to check the mail. Saturday post was quite lazy, and she knew by the time she got to the end of the driveway that Brian would be at the mailbox ready to hand her, her mail. Too her surprise, Brian wasn’t there this time. She checked her 9 carat gold watch with encrusted diamonds around the diameter and glanced up the tree lined terrace, hoping to see his blue and white mail van pull around the corner, but no sign of him.
She returned back to the house, not thinking anything of the post running late, or what her mail contained, that she was so eager to receive. Seeing that it was a lovely day outside, the post could wait she thought, and decided to treat the twins on a luxury day out shopping. The morning newspaper was sat on the centre of the old wicker chair that was positioned on their veranda, George had probably picked it up and placed it there, picking it up to read, Carmen came running outside towards her.
“Mom, can I go to the mall with my friends?” Katie didn’t answer her, as her attention was turned to her mail, on the floor, which spilled out from the unwrapped newspaper. “Umm, yes sweetie sure, what’s’ your sister doing?” But before she got an answer, Carmen had already disappeared. Beside her appeared Heidi. “Mum can I go to Lyndsays house?”
“Umm sure hunni, I’ll drop you both off at your destinations” she called out as Heidi had already disappeared.
Reflecting on what just happened in such a haze she chuckled to herself as she realised just how different the twins were although a like. Confused and a little down, she picked up the mail off of the wooden veranda and went back inside the house.

As she put the mail down on the marble top in the kitchen, she noticed a white parcel; picking up the semi-heavy parcel she knew who it was from at once, as she took the parcel in her hand walking into the family room, while opening the parcel scruffily with her fingers, she sat down on the soft chocolate brown sofa’s that lined her wall, and kicked off her slippers while snuggling into the cushions as she read what seemed aloud but more intimately to herself, what accompanied the parcel.

I saw this bracelet and thought of you… I hope you like it, and it and I hope it matches the watch you already have. Can’t wait to see you tonight possibly without any clothes.

She blushed and squirmed. With delight? Maybe. In shock possibly, as she noticed the tiffany diamond encrusted bracelet.
She sat there feeling insignificant, and decided that she had to make decision whether this should continue or whether she should end it, but she had to admit that she loved the lavish gifts he always sent; something George all but forgotten from their 5th anniversary onwards. She put her feet back into her slippers and went into George’s office and shredded the letter that accompanied the gift and put the bracelet on that matched her watch. 

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