Monday, 19 December 2011

Another sex dream interrupted..

I actually had the worst nights sleep. But that could be because of 2 main reasons; Skype and the temperature of my room.

Temperature - I'm the type of weirdo person you meet who would be wearing short sleeves in the dead of winter. I don't know what it is about my body when it reaches its optimal temperature and beyond, however it is like a full blown hot flush and I am far too young to be going through menopause. Anywhoo, I finally took the courage to get out of my bed, and battle the clothes "neatly" piled on my floor to turn off the radiator, once that was sorted I could finally concentrate on cooling down and fall asleep. I was sadly mistaken, Skype.

Skype - I like falling asleep with whoever I'm talking to on Skype at the time, which is most likely my partner. The problem with this you see is, he is unfortunately really interesting, so when I eventually started tossing and turning and took a look at the time it wasn't a surprise to me to see that it was in fact 4:30 am.

When I eventually fell into a slumber, it took an unexpected turn for the better. First of all there was the cat dream - but we won't get into that - then there was the sex dream. I don't know about all of your imaginations, but my imagination is very colourful and at times quiet deceitful! However instead of the usual coupling with a man it was a very lesbionic dream WITH MYSELF!!! I am huge believer of interpreting my dreams, hmm.. I wonder what that messed up dream would mean. Thats one for the doctors. So as I was getting to the climatic part of the dream I felt a vibration (to those of you with your head in the gutter, no I'm not talking about a vibrator) I'm talking about my mobile phone, which I leave on my bed - not only was it a phone call, but a phone call from my Grandmother.

Lets just say, that climax came to a pretty quick end before it even got there.

Happy Monday!


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