Tuesday, 20 December 2011

No regrets!

Jade's life plan:

  1. Get amazing grades at a level
  2. Go to university to study psychology
  3. Fall in love between these years
  4. Travel the world 
  5. Move to canada (or eventually be in Canada because I would be going to school there)
  6. Do my masters in social psychology 
  7. Get married by 25
  8. Push out first baby at 26, then 3 more up until the age of 30
  9. Hopefully be a qualified psychologist and further training to be able to become a therapist
  10. Change to become a sex therapist
  11. Become a private therapist
  12. 40 years old + adopt a chinese baby
  13. Start my own bridal wear design
  14. Retire handsomely with my husband
  15. Try and change the world some how
Honestly is that much to ask for? 

When I was younger, around 13 years old I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I knew for sure I wanted to become a psychologist. I also knew for sure that I no longer wanted to live a life in England, my whole family heard the whole story a trillion times of how I am planning to move and build a life in Canada. I was so headstrong with this idea that I emailed loads of schools/universities in Canada asking for brochures and I had this perfect idea, with my head so far up in the clouds - the one thing that stopped me however was the issue of money.

My parents wasn't the save up for a university fund type of people and being an international student is bloody expensive! Anyway, as I grew up my mind became stronger especially as the boys of London was a good enough reason to leave the country in search of something better. As I reached college age and realised that I was still too immature to use smarticles to its fullest potential, it suddenly hit me when I was then thrown into the Criminology Course. I was devastated of course, my whole life plan was taking a new direction for goodness sake! But as my wise mother likes to remind me, everything happens for a reason. 
And she was right (of course), I wouldn't trade those 1st year memories for anything in the world! The people I met and how they have all changed me and shaped me to make myself a better person for myself and others.

I still have time, to complete my list just a little bit delayed thats all.

With my head still held high in my pink fluffy clouds of cotton candy, watch this space!


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